Renting Onewheels for Profit, An Update

Trail ride on Onewheel “Pint”

Since learning of their mere existence, I have always wanted a Onewheel.

Yet, I faced a dilemma…I wanted to buy a Onewheel, but couldn’t justify spending even 1k for a “Pint” model.

The solution to this? Buy two Onewheels…


That’s right, I bought 2. With the intention of paying for the Onewheels over time by renting them out through my new side hustle: Onewheel Rental LLC.

At $70/day I would only need 15 rental (each) to pay for my new Onewheel Pints. Inspired and energized, I created a website with a full booking calendar, a business Facebook page, and took every opportunity to share my new business with the world. I even bought an insurance policy to protect me if someone were to get hurt riding and sue me. (This comes up later)

Within a matter of days, the emails and calls started rolling in and people were eagerly inquiring on renting Onewheels.

Everything was going well, but as the business traveled down the runway to lift-off I noticed a disturbing trend…

People were getting hurt.

Only minor injuries (at first) but I began to realize that some new riders did not have the fear and respect for Onewheeling that I had when first learning to ride.

This troubled me, but I just put it in the back of my mind, focusing only on the growth of the business. I was alarmed yet again when a rider took a nosedive and fell face first, eventually needing stitches in his upper lip. But ventured on once again, and continued to promote and grow the business.

Then something happened I couldn’t ignore, my own brother (in-law, actually my stepsisters husband) took a nosedive on the beach in Galveston and broke his collarbone in 2 places. Although it could always be worse, this was major disruption to his life. (He is a dentist who owns his own practice in Houston with no other dentists working under him)


So I’ve made the decision to stop renting Onewheels. I don’t think Onewheels are inherently unsafe (at least to an excessive degree), but in my case the risk (to new riders) simply outweighs the reward to keep the business going.

I believe people have the right to decide their own personal risk tolerance. But owning the platform in which they decide that is not a business that I want to be in. (Plus some people just have no chill…)

Luckily, renting Onewheels was only part of the business model. We will continue to sell Onewheel themed hats, t-shirts, and stickers on our Etsy store. (Now re-named the flow state) 

Plus… me, my stepdad (also an avid Onewheeler), and my other Onewheel friends will get to ride more often . (We got our Onewheels back)

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