What I’m Up to These Days.

All travel for my job is currently paused. (I have a big assignment out West I’m unable to attend to due to COVID)

I am however working full force on a programming project related to the same tree-related project (sorry for the secracy) and feel unbelievably blessed to still be collecting a paycheck while working from home. Learning about technology has been critical to my talent stack in these troubled times.

After the death of my coffee company Bohemian Breakfast (RIP) I’ve started a new side hustle where I rent Onewheels (all-terrain, electric, one-wheeled skateboards) to people in the DFW area. (Aptly named Onewheel Rental DFW, you can check this out here)

I’ve re-started some surf and fly fishing travel in the recent weeks as the bass move further and further out of my casting range here in Texas. (It’s getting hot!)

Typical day includes morning kettlebell training, excessive coffee consumption, lots of Zoom calls, Onewheel riding, and plenty of time to think and read. (No shortage of things to think about in 2020)

Biggest lesson of the last couple of months (for me) is that peace and happiness are internal.

Recent trip to Brevard County, FL.

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