Me: Originally from the Twin Cities, but currently living in Ft. Worth. I’m 26 at time of writing this, and have spent most of my adult life in Colorado and working as a Climbing Arborist. This changed last year when I sold my tree care company, moved to TX, where I now work as a Subject Matter Expert on tree-related legal matters. I grew up in a christian household and even attended Bible School. I feel the christian belief system has (and continues to) serve me very well in life, and you will (I’m warning you) see me bring up God/Jesus a lot around here. (If you decide to stick around, I hope you do) Here is some more detail as to what I’m up to.

The Blog: I named the blog “comparing notes” as I was (and am) somewhat uncomfortable labeling myself as a guide (or God-forbid a guru) on any of the subjects I wanted to write about. (Christianity, health, adventure, entrepreneurship) “Comparing notes” refers to a paragraph in CS Lewis’s Reflections on the Psalm, describing the value of sharing what we’ve learned with others long before we have it all figured out. This is only partially why I write.

“It often happens that two schoolboys can solve difficulties in their work for one another better than the master can.” C.S. Lewis, Reflections on the Psalms