Onewheel Pint Review- Is It Worth the Money??

Trail ride near Lake Grapevine in DFW

In July I purchased a Onewheel Pint. (The $950 little brother of the Onewheel XR)

6 months later you may be wondering…was it worth the money???

The answer to that question is indefinitely YES. Allow me to explain…

I’ve ridden my Onewheel almost everyday (that I’m not traveling) since then, and it has yielded hundreds of hours of entertainment for both myself and friends I’ve loaned it out to.

I’ve ridden it on dirt trails, the beach, urban areas, and done hundreds (if not thousands) of laps around my neighborhood. I ride it when on conference calls, to go get lunch, but mostly for the simple fun of it.

But that’s me….

This isn’t true of everyone….a simple search on Craigslist will show that some buyers don’t end up using their Onewheel much at all and end up losing hundreds of dollars just to find out it “isn’t their thing.”

But what about you? Is buying a Pint a good idea for you? Or will it end up dusty in the garage like all those other “must-buy” items.

Of course can’t answer that question, but I can tell you what I’ve learned since buying mine to at least help you make a more informed decision. Let’s dive in.

  • The Pint CAN take on moderate trails. (albeit not as well as the XR) I like the low-speed, yet highly technical riding that trails offer. With some on-road experience and PPE, you might find the same is true for you. Check out this video for more info on this.
  • Group rides are fun! Although not all group rides are conducive to the Pint,  (some groups travel at a faster pace only the XR can deliver) group rides are a great way to meet new friends and enhance the Onewheel experience.
  • Onewheeling can actually improve your surfing, snowboarding, or other board sports abilities. This is likely due to the development of stabilizer muscles, along with leg and core strength. Although not directly transferable being able to ride your Onewheel [all the time] can have some positive carry-over to other board sports you may be into. (Imagine an Indo board you can actually ride)
  • Long range batteries, treaded tires, and accessories such as the “Flight Fins” are available from third party retailers. Are you the kind of person who needs to mod everything? Well, dope accessories are no longer relegated to just XR riders now.
  • Onewheels are pretty durable. Although mechanical failures are not unheard of, the 550 miles I have put on my Pint have been 100% problem free. And I don’t “baby” it!!
  • TSA approved!!! At the time of writing, the battery in the Pint is below TSA’s max approved battery size. And you can find people on various Onewheel forums and Facebook groups who have successfully flown with their Pint. (XR’s battery is too big)
  • The warranty is transferable (below 1,000 miles) You may be able to save some dough by buying a used Onewheel, (although I would only recommend buying a Onewheel that is *slightly* used as there are some complex electronics/ tech in the Onewheel) There are some killer deals out there if you are willing to look, and many of these come with accessories you would have to buy anyways. (Fender, ect.)

I initially bought my Onewheels with hopes of renting them for profit, which didn’t quite work out as you can read about here. That however didn’t change how satisfied I am with the purchase of my Pint. It’s such a great way to get outside and clear your head without much physical exertion or a major time commitment.

Feel free to comment below if you are considering making the jump and have any specific questions. (I’m sort of an expert by now)

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