Product Review: Joovv Go

When I hit the “checkout” button to purchase my “Joovv Go” I thought to myself “this might have been the stupidest $300 I have ever spent.” After all, I’m purchasing a little white brick that claims project “healing light frequencies” onto the user, does that sound suspisious to you?

Despite my hesitation I went ahead and entered my credit card info.

8 months later, I’m actually really happy I did.

The Joovv Go is a portable LED light therapy device that delivers high powered red-light or near-infrared light. (This depends on the model you get, I choose the red-light version and will be referring to it from here on) Joovv make various sizes of light panels, and the Joovv Go is their smallest one. At only 3.75″ x 5.75″ you can pretty much take it anywhere.

As you might remember from the review of my blue light blocking glasses, I have light exposure to have a profound effect on my sleep. My “Ra Optics” do a great job of blocking bad light, but I wanted go further and increase my exposure to good light via “red-light therapy.” This is what led to the purchase of my $300 light box.

Other benefits claimed by the Joovv (beyond improved sleep) is increased collagen production, reduction in inflammation, increased blood circulation, and improved cognitive function.

Many of these same “benefits” are claimed by different supplements and other biohacker-esque devices, but the way red light therapy works is unique.

Red light therapy mimics the sun’s natural, healing light, but without the harmful UV exposure. When shining the Joovv on your skin, the light emitted from the device stimulates the mitochondria, and enhances cellular respiration increasing the production of ATP. This basically “supercharges” your cells, and increases their output.

Beyond that, red light also stimulates melatonin production, and the increase of blood flow helps heal damaged tissue.

My experience with the Joovv has reflected these claims. The most noticeable improvement has been in the area of sleep, using the Joovv prior to bed has resulted in falling asleep much sooner than before and seems to produce higher quality sleep. The battle now is to stay awake long enough to get the recommended 5-15 minutes of light therapy Joovv recommends. I find myself falling asleep after 1 or 2 minutes thus missing out on the other benefits from red-light therapy. (I’ve also dropped it on my face plenty of times trying to hold it up while dosing off, ouch!!)

I’ve also noticed a slight improvement in my complexion, and seem to have less symptoms of “seasonal affective disorder.”This is especially helpful while traveling to my home land of MN during the winter time, where the sun is no where to be found and outdoor activities are pretty much non-existent.

If you get a Joovv, the first thing you will notice is it’s BRIGHTNESS. I found that I had to build up a tolerance in order to hold it within a foot of my face, even with my eyes closed. This of course sounds alarming, and “I hope this doesn’t make me blind” isn’t exactly what you want to be muttering to yourself when using a cutting edge medical product you found on the internet. But the Joovv is approved by the FDA, and is used by doctors, athletes, and celebrities. (Not sure if celebrities will ease your mind at all) None of whom have gone blind as a result. (That I know of at least)

Five out of five stars!!

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