Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

Humans are wired to compete with each other, whether it be in business, sports or love.

Competition can be useful in terms of motivation, but it can also throw us dangerously off course.

Our Memetic Nature

Humans are memetic creatures, we have a tendency to copy our desires from those around us. (Often losing sight of what actually matters to us)

We allocate value according to what others are striving for, and look to others to decide what pursuits are worthy of our time.

The Games We Play

These micro competitions are the “games” or life.

Due to our memetic nature, we often find ourselves playing “games” that don’t matter.

Thus dedicating our precious time and finite energy to the pursuit of things that offer us no value. (The “prize”)

We know that impressing others on social media is not REALLY important, yet we get sucked into the “status game” of posturing on social media. (Other people are doing it, thus it must be important)

We know money won’t make us happy, but because everyone else is scrambling for it we follow along and abandon our principles in its pursuit.

What game are you playing? Is the prize worthy of your life’s dedication?

If not, you may be playing the wrong game.

“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”- Naval Ravikant

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