How to Make Levi’s Superfood Chocolate Mocha (Breakfast Replacement)

Every morning starts (pretty much) the same for me, some bible reading, some journaling, some kettlebells, and a bone broth chocolate mocha.

Just look at that foamy goodness.

Although the chocolate mocha seems insignificant compared to the other parts of my morning routine, it’s actually the key to the execution of everything else.

Why? Because the chocolate mocha is the reward for executing everything else on that list. Yes, it’s that good.

This recipe evolved from the years that I drank “Bulletproof coffee,” adding chia for additional fiber, cinnamon for blood sugar regulation, and chocolate bone broth for gut health, protein and taste. (I drink this post-workout FYI)

So, how do I make this concoction?

  1. Make some coffee!! It doesn’t really matter how, I personally like to brew an organic medium roast in my nifty Moka Pot. The chocolate will (in-part) overtake the coffee notes, so save your single-origin, fair trade, pour-over for your afternoon cup of joe.
  2. Add all non-coffee components to a blender.
    1. Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein (Half Scoop)
      1. Good for: Protein, gut health
    2. Ancient Nutrition Collagen Protein (Full Scoop)
      1. Good for: Protein, gut health, nail/hair/skin health
    3. Grass-fed Raw Ghee (1ish TB)
      1. Good for: Vitamins and minerals, hydration, healthy fats.
    4. Chia Seeds (1ish TS)
      1. Good for: Fiber, energy/fuel.
    5. Maca Root Powder (1ish TS)
      1. Good for: Energy/fuel
    6. MCT Oil (1 TB, or whatever your gut can handle)
      1. Good for: Cognitive performance, regularity, satiated appetite.
    7. Cinnamon!
      1. Good for: Blood sugar stability.
  3. Add coffee, and blend it up! I like to blend fairly thoroughly, in order to enhance the foamy froth. (One of my favorite parts of Bulletproof coffee)
  4. Enjoy!

I drink this as breakfast replacement, and am able to stay in mild ketosis. (If you are in to that sort of thing) It keeps me feeling satiated all the way until lunch, even after punishing myself with the kettlebells first thing in the morning.

Bottoms Up!!

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