Tell the Truth

We have all been told our entire lives to “tell the truth” but it wasn’t until just recently that I have begun to see the deeper value of this very simple maxim.

Life’s greatest moments occur when the mind is quiet, when we are free from the endless chatter of our inner dialogue. This is peace and flow.

One thing that keeps us from this mental singularity is our own misalignment with truth.

We tell small lies and slight exaggerations in order to appear more appealing to others, but at the cost of our own mental clarity and peace due to the multiple scripts we are now running in our head.

In order to maintain consensus with others, we go along with ideas that we (deep down) know are against our own convictions. By constantly being “at war with ourselves”, we loose sight of who we are and sink into inner turmoil.

Living a life misaligned with truth is deceiving, because we can get away with it in the short term. Due to this, we often become blinded to it’s long-term consequences of which can be fatal to the soul.

Reality is too strong, and we understand it too little to think that we can challenge its structure.

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” -John 8:32

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