How to Make Epic Avocado Toast (Camping Style!!)

I’m always on the lookout for simple, versatile, nutrient-dense camping meals. I do most all my camp cooking in a 10” Lodge cast iron skillet on a small “Eureka” 2 burner stove, so an intermixing of flavors is necessary for my camp cooking menu. Luckily this dish turns that limitation into an advantage. The congealing of flavors on the small skillet makes for a delicious, easy to prepare, nutritious meal that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Let me show you how!


-1 slice of Genesis Bread (a superfood bread loaded with nuts and seeds with no preservatives or added sugar)

-1/2 of an Avocado.

-1 Egg

-A “handful” of arugula. 

-1 slice of Bacon.

-Turmeric Twist Seasoning! (Or whatever suits you, “Spike” is also a favorite)

-Olive Oil (For topping)

-Butter (For cooking)

Step One: Toast bread on a dry skillet.

You want the bread dry and crispy, and oiling the skillet before this step can make it soggy. Genesis bread is stored frozen due to the lack of preservatives, making this extra important. So toast your bread on an un-oiled skillet to achieve this crispy goodness. When the bread is done “toasting” take it off the skillet and place it on your eating plate.

Step Two: Add egg and bacon to skillet.

Add some butter or ghee to the now preheated skillet and then add your egg and bacon. I like to season my egg, and for this, I will use a generous amount of “Turmeric Twist” for the enhanced flavor and anti-inflammatory properties of the turmeric. While the egg and bacon is cooking, (I like my egg over easy) you can go ahead and add the avocado to your toast.

Step Three: Smash avocado on toast.

Scoop and slice 1/2 an avocado and smash it level on your toast. This is my “landing pad” for Himalayan sea salt and black pepper, needless to say, I load it up with both. Some Chile flakes or other spices can also be a good addition at this point.

Step Four: Add bacon and egg to toast.

Cut the bacon in half and lay diagonally on the bed of smashed avocado, then add your egg to the top of that

Step Five: Top with arugula and olive oil.

Add your “handful” of arugula, and top with olive oil. The olive oil helps to congeal the flavors and prolong your time on earth. Remember, “the whole purpose of food is to get olive oil to your mouth.”