How to Make Moka Pot Coffee.

Moka Pot Coffee is a great choice for camping or other backcountry adventures.

The Moka pot is one of my favorite coffee brewing mechanisms. Outside of making excellent coffee and espresso, the Moka pot is easy on counter space and ideal for car camping as it only needs a single burner to operate. On my 18” Eureka 2 burner camping stove, I can make coffee and breakfast at the same time with a stove unit smaller than some laptops.

The Moka pot was invented in the 1930s in Italy, the name “Moka” references the city of Mocha, Yemen. As you may have guessed, the Moka pot has made a huge comeback of late; and is ideal for making coffee both at home and in the great outdoors.

How to make Moka pot coffee:

Note: Moka pot coffee is best with a “medium grind,” or on the drip coffee setting on your coffee grinder. (About the consistency of table salt)

  1. Step one (optional): Preheat water. Bring water to a boil in a kettle or whatever you have available. This is easy if you are already boiling water to sterilize it in a camping scenario, preheating the water helps prevent a metallic taste due to the Moka pot getting too hot while laboring to boil cold water in the bottom chamber.

  2. Step Two: Add heated water to the bottom chamber of the Moka pot. (Caution: It will be hot, and you will have to grip the bottom in a second to screw the top back on)

  3. Step Three: Fill basket with coffee, and make sure no grounds are around the top of the basket or spilling over onto the threads of the bottom chamber. (This could compromise the seal)

  4. Step Four: Screw on the top!! No need to crank it too tight, the rubber gasket in the top of the Moka pot is what actually keeps the coffee from spilling out.

  5. Step Five: Put it on the stove on medium/medium-high heat. Leave the lid open.

  6. Step Six: The water should be lightly boiling in the bottom chamber, and your coffee will be bubbling out of the top chamber. When no more coffee is bubbling out, you be assured your water is fully utilized and your coffee is done.

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