5 Reasons French Press Coffee is Better.

Shopping for a French Press? I recommend an insulated Stainless Steel model like the one pictured here. It keeps the coffee hot so you can enjoy multiple cups at your morning leisure.

From amazing taste to classic coffee nostalgia, here are 5 benefits of drinking French press coffee.

1. Less acidic. The French press requires less heat to make your morning cup of Joe. Also, the coarse grind of the beans used in French press coffee secretes less acid into the water than other brewing methods that use a finer grind.

2. More caffeine. This may or may not be considered a benefit to you. French press coffee contains more caffeine than coffee made through a filter. The coffee isn’t filtered through any kind of a filter but is instead steeped and pressed. This retains more of the natural caffeine as well as…..

3. More antioxidants. Other coffee methods filter out beneficial antioxidants this would include the lipophilic variety that has been shown to strengthen neuronal cells, thereby lessoning the process of cognitive decline. 

4. Beneficial Oils. The retention of these nature coffee oils is why coffee enthusiasts prefer French press coffee’s taste and for really experiencing the full expression of the bean. These oils also have some health benefits, being high in beneficial HDL cholesterol. HDL helps the body build new cells, insulate your nerves, and produce hormones.

5. The process. There’s something truly beautiful about the process of making coffee. The French press was my first introduction to a side of coffee brewing that didn’t involve a K-cup or Mr. coffee machine. Being able to control every aspect of the coffee, (from water temp to coarseness of grind) you gain a connection to your coffee you might not have had before.

Bottoms up.

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