Product Review: Ra Optics “Popp”

The “Popp” Nighttime Frames pictured with my Joov GO infrared light panel. A perfect 1-2 punch for excellent sleep on the go.

I have been wearing “blue light blocking glasses” for several years now. After getting serious about fixing my sleep issues, I found blue light blocking glasses were one of the most common products recommended by health experts to improve sleep. My first pair of blue light blockers were made by Swanick Sleep, and although more stylish than some of the others on the market at the time. The “swannies” fit my face awkwardly, and thus I limited their use to only nights spent at home where other people wouldn’t see me in my ill-fitting glasses. Thus, limiting their effectiveness by only occasional wear. (Not their fault)

This went on for about two years until I listened to a podcast on “light” by Ben Greenfield and guest Matt Maruca, Matt is the founder of blue light blocking optics company “Ra Optics.” Not knowing anything about “light” beyond “blue light will keep you up at night.” I was blown away by how pivotal light exposure is to your health, natural light exposure from the sun being beneficial and artificial light from indoor light sources and screens being harmful. Your exposure to these very different kinds of light can affect everything from cancer risk to gut health.

Beyond just the information, Matt told the story of his personal health journey, and this really impacted me. I could feel his pain when he talked about the limitations of focusing only on diet when trying to combat his autoimmune issues. This then leads him to the discovery of cold thermogenesis, prioritization of sleep, but mainly the healing properties of full-spectrum “light.” Better management of light exposure (more natural sunlight, less artificial light exposure, photobiomodulation) led him to new summits of health, far beyond the results of the past, when focusing only on diet in order to achieve improved health.

Enthusiastic on how modifying my own light exposure can improve my health, I immediately bought a “joovv go” (for photobiomodulation) and a pair of “Ra Optics.” I figured a new pair of blue light blockers may at least allow me to wear my “night goggles” more often, like at evening social events. (Rare, but still) I purchased the “Popp” glasses in the night time frame because I like their style, and were on sale!

Three days later my new glasses arrived, in a beautiful custom box, and included their own hard case and cleaning cloth. The glasses were far more comfortable than my previous blue light blockers, and of much higher quality. The glasses fit my face much better and seemed to be much more effective at blocking harmful light. The lenses are a deeper red color, creating a soothing red hue to every screen, street light, and indoor light fixture when having them on. To most outsiders, it appears as though I am simply wearing red lensed designer sunglasses. 

Initially, I bought my Ra Optics simply to support Matt for providing such valuable info to me for free, but what I didn’t expect is that these glasses would be so superior to others on the market. I bought two more recently to give out as gifts, and two friends of mine are now reaping the benefits of wearing blue light blocking eyewear as well. If blue light blockers are not currently part of your evening routine I would highly recommend a pair of Ra Optics, based on my (although limited) exposure to other blue light blocking glasses I’m confident in saying they are superior to other options in style, function, quality, and effectiveness.


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