Why Butter Coffee?

By simply adding some Chocolate Bone Broth Protein to the mixture you get a delicious chocolate mocha!!

 There is a strange segment of society now putting butter in their morning coffee. (Whaaaaat???) A recipe of coffee, butter (or raw ghee), and MCT oil is known as “bulletproof coffee” and is taking the paleo/keto community by storm. Dave Asprey, former Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur is credited with bringing “bulletproof coffee” to the US. (Also was responsible for coining the term “Bulletproof Coffee,” and is the founder and CEO of “Bulletproof” today) Asprey thought of the idea while trekking through Tibet, and experiencing the performance benefits of the local’s yak butter tea that Tibetan people have consumed for centuries. It turns out that the combination of healthy fats and caffeine can curve appetite, neutralize blood sugar, increase metabolic rate, and aid your body in getting into a “fat-burning state.”

 Bulletproof coffee is best consumed as replacement to breakfast, and should only be consumed as such due to the high fat content. While drinking bulletproof coffee and avoiding all other foods in the morning, your body has similar benefits of not eating breakfast at all. (Fasting) By avoiding glucose in the morning, there is no morning blood sugar spike thus no crash later; and by consuming only fats in the morning your digestive system can rest and work on cleaning out the junk from yesterday. This is known as autophagy. 

 Here is a breakdown of bulletproof coffee, and some of the benefits of each ingredient:

 1. Coffee: This could be (and was) an article in itself. Coffee enhances cognitive function, increases metabolic rate, signals the release of fatty acids from fat tissues, lowers the risk of multiple diseases, decreases the risk of depression, and is packed with antioxidants. This is just the beginning!!

 2. Grass-fed butter or Ghee: Butter is loaded with beneficial fatty acids. Butter is also extremely nutrient-dense and is a good source of butyrate and vitamin A. Butter also has a remarkable effect on water, where the butter helps charge the water for enhanced negative ion content when the two are combined.

 3. MCT Oil: Caprylic acid triglycerides (MCT oil) is a fat extract from coconut oil. When consumed, MCT oil is converted by the body as ketones which is something your body would produce endogenously if it were without glucose and in a “fat-burning state.” Fat is much more nutrient-dense than sugars/carbohydrates and is a sustainable fuel source that doesn’t spike blood sugar. When combined with caffeine, MCT oil can break the “blood-brain barrier” and light up your brain like a Christmas tree.

 There it is, a few of the potential benefits of the frothy goodness known as “bulletproof coffee.” How does it taste? Well, you won’t know unless you try it yourself! I think it is the beverage of the gods and tastes amazing, but I don’t expect you to take my word for it.

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